Pole-Dancing Koala Breaks Into Home And Puts On A Show

Nikki Erickson, an Australian woman, had just arrived home after a particularly stressful day at work when she had an encounter with an adorable intruder.

(And wouldn't you know, it made everything better.)

Turns out, while she was away, a wild koala had broken in through a doggy door and was waiting to surprise Erickson with an impromptu performance.

Facebook/Nikki Erickson

"It was pretty shocking walking into my house and seeing this beautiful creature," Erickson wrote online.

But while the mere sighting of a koala up close would certainly be enough to lift the spirits, she saw something even better. The furry houseguest had discovered Erickson's pole-dancing apparatus and, perhaps mistaking it for a shiny tree, began to put on a show.

Lucky for the rest of us, she caught the whole thing on video.

click to play video

Sure, It might not have been the most graceful dance routine, but Erickson still loved every second of it - and it's easy to see why.

"Absolutely made my week!!" she wrote.

Fortunately, Erickson had the good sense to give the koala plenty of space to practice her new craft - and knew what to do next. She called a local animal rescue group, which escorted the little aspiring pole dancer back outside.

Brief as the encounter may have been, not only did it boost Erickson's mood, but it left her with a memory to cherish for a lifetime:

"I will never forget this day."