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Tiny Owl Uses Tiny Mushroom As An Umbrella

This sweet little bird is destined for greatness - in addition to cuteness. And apparently, he doesn't shy away from the camera.

Tanja Brandt, a photographer in Germany, has owned Poldi ever since he was a baby. "I got him when he was five months old," Brandt told Bored Panda. "He didn't want to come out of his egg and he was very small, the smallest. His six sisters were all hatched, and as he was the last to be born, days after the others, he was very small."

Poldi isn't the only pet of Brandt's who doesn't shy away from the limelight. He has other partners in crime, one of them a Belgian shepherd named Ingo.

Ingo acts as a guardian for Poldi, Brandt told Emgn in an interview.

Brandt also owns a hawk, a Weissgesichtseule and a snow owl, which means that in addition to his older canine sibling, Poldi has three other birds to call family.

It would definitely be a mistake to try and pick on this little guy when he has an entire crew with him at all times.

The deep, mutual respect the animals have for one another, as well as Brandt's love for them, is something that resonates clearly in her photos.

For more of Brandt's photography, you can check out her Facebook photo albums here.