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Polar Bear Wants Out Of His Tank So Badly He Breaks It

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Two tourists were watching a polar bear named Vicks swim past the glass of his exhibit at the Rotterdam Zoo in The Netherlands a few years back, and were mesmerized by the incredible bear in front of them.


Vicks appeared to be almost playing with the tourists - maybe even trying to tell them something. At one point, he swam up and put his paw against the glass, as if to say hello, or maybe to say, "Hey, let me out, please?"


When the tourists didn't immediately respond, the bear decided to get their attention and fix his boredom problem at the same time. He threw a rock at the glass of his enclosure ...


... and broke through it.

Vicks is not the only bear to get fed up with being forced to entertain humans. A grizzly bear at the Minnesota Zoo also threw a rock at his enclosure, shattering the glass in the exact same way.

This scene is an amazing display of animal intelligence and a heartbreaking reminder that no animal belongs behind glass.

Check out the full video of Vicks and his escape attempt below: