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Playful Platypus Proves She's Just As Cuddly As A Dog

Platypuses are not normally an animal you'd think of as being cuddly and friendly ... but this sweet platypus is absolutely trying to change that.

A platypus at the Healesville Sanctuary in Australia loves to cuddle more than anything, and sees nothing wrong with it ...

Seriously though. All cuddles, all the time.

YouTube/Cute Creatures Great and Small

She loves swimming around too, but ultimately prefers being snuggled up in someones arms, showing them a little love.

Is there anything better than a platypus hug? Honestly, probably not.

YouTube/Cute Creatures Great And Small

A platypus typically keeps her eyes closed while swimming underwater, making this playtime session all the cuter.

She even loves belly rubs ... not kidding. Is she secretly a dog masquerading as a platypus?

YouTube/Cute Creatures Great And Small

Eventually someone might want to tell this sweet platypus that she isn't actually a dog, but then again ... it's just SO cute.