Pizza Possum Is The Next Pizza Rat

He just picked up a slice and ate it.

Move over, Pizza Rat. (And Pizza Squirrel.) Pizza Possum is here to take your throne.

A bunch of friends were hanging out in someone's backyard in Australia, celebrating a birthday, when suddenly a possum appeared ... and casually stole some pizza.

"There were a bunch of pizzas on the outdoor table as well as other party food, with the pizza boxes open and everyone standing around just chatting, having drinks, picking at food," Melanie Dinjaski told The Dodo. "We all saw the possum approaching us. That possum was not at all scared by a bunch of humans standing around watching. It was sniffing and then it jumped up to the table and nicked a slice from one of the open boxes."

The group of friends watched in awe as the possum sat among them and ate his pizza, completely oblivious to the party happening around him. A possum's gotta do what a possums gotta do, and in this case, this possum REALLY needed to eat some pizza.

"One of the guys took a towel and gently picked it up and moved it to the back of the yard," Dinjaski said. "It was still holding onto the pizza slice and kept eating it."

Even once the friends brought out some birthday cake, the hungry possum was still only interested in his pizza ...

... but was definitely a little offended when the friends went to continue the party inside.

Although, honestly, he was probably just looking for more pizza. Long live Pizza Possum.