11 Pit Bulls Who Love The Cat More Than You

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1."SHHHH. Do not disturb my sleeping kitty."


2. "It may look like she's hesitant to cuddle, but she secretly loves it."


3. "Sun + bed + cat = HEAVEN"


4. "He's mine now."


5. "We'll be here for a while."


6. "I don't even like peekaboo. But I can't say no to a face like that."


7. "If we don't both get treats, then NO ONE sleeps."


8. "She loves me just as much as I love her, SHE TOLD ME SO."


9. "I wrapped him in my favorite blanket. Because I LOVE HIM."


10. "They say pit bulls make the best pillows, but really KITTENS do."


11. "I like all naps, but nothing beats a cat nap."