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Baby Pit Bull Snuggles With Her Adoptive 'Dad'

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Rescued from a shelter on the same day that he was scheduled to be euthanized, Kilo has become one happy dog over the past several months.

Candace Miller, a volunteer at a Sacramento shelter, adopted Kilo after nobody else did for two months.

Now, Kilo and Miller's three previous dogs make a big, beautiful dog family. From left to right there's Penny, Kilo, Roofus and Moo.

Kilo's previous owner put him through experiences no dog should ever have to endure. He beat Kilo, forced him to stay outside without enough food and bred him with another pit bull to make babies who were later treated just as poorly as Kilo was, Miller told the Huffington Post in April.

So far, Kilo seems to be enjoying time with his new family.

They reenact scenes from their favorite films.

The whole family gets together for carrots.

They're also fans of whipped cream.

Kilo and Penny have a special relationship.

They play with each other.

They dress up with each other.

They even went through a brief break-dancing phase.

It's a perfect match, because Kilo's cute when he's alone.

And Penny alone is also cute.

But together? It's a whole new level of cute.

Now Penny is getting bigger and is still really, really cute.