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Clever Pit Bull Has A Backup Plan To Overcome His Fear Of Walking Into Rooms

By all accounts, Queso is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy young pit bull pup, though there is one thing that makes him quite unique indeed: he has a phobia for doorways. Fortunately, he's found an equally special way to overcome this fear by tackling it head on. Well, in a manner of speaking anyway.

Instead of passing through those dreaded doorways the old-fashioned way, he takes a backward approach -literally.

(YouTube/Rhiannon Hamam)

Queso's owner Rhiannon Hamam told The Dodo that the playful pit, who she rescued from a shelter when he was nine weeks old, had been wary of crossing doorways since shortly after moving into their new home a few months ago. It's quite unusual, Hamam admits, but she's pretty sure how his fear developed.

"The hallways have hardwood floors, and the rooms are carpeted. When we first moved here, he slipped when crossing from one to the other," Hamam says. "He's been uncomfortable with the way the floor changes ever since."

"My husband and I thought it was just kind of funny at first. You know, it's just him being the quirky, goofball he is," she says. "But then my sister saw it when she came to visit and pointed out that it was actually really genius of him. Like, here's this thing that he's afraid of, and he's courageously figured out a way to deal with it. That's how we look at it now."

The backup routine does make it a little difficult for Queso to keep up at times, but Hamam suspects that Queso will eventually learn that doorways really aren't that scary after all.

"I think one day he'll figure it out, and we're thinking of ways to help ease the transition," says Hamam. "Until then, we see him as our happy dog, moving through life on his own terms, dealing with whatever comes up the best way he knows how. We're just happy that, no matter what, he'll keep on being him."