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They Thought He Was Dead, Then They Saw Him On TV

Never underestimate an animal's will to survive.

Almost a month after losing their 5-year-old pit bull in a house fire, one couple was shocked to see their dog was alive - and on the local news.

The dog, renamed Gage by the Humane Society of Southern Mississippi (HSSM), was picked up by animal control on Oct. 27 with painful third-degree burns that made it difficult for him to move.

"When we received Gage he had what appeared to be days old burns over 60 percent of his body," the HSSM's Maren Slay told WLOX. "And in the beginning it was very severe. We really weren't sure if he was going to make it or not."

After three weeks of treatment, however, Gage made a remarkable recovery and his story of survival made it onto the news. That's when his former owners stepped forward to identify the dog, whom they both believed to be dead.

"We're grateful this particular case was an accident and not an act of animal cruelty," HSSM director Jill Mollohan told WLOX. "We will continue to provide medical care for Gage and ensure he makes a full recovery."

Unfortunately, Gage's previous owners say they are unable to care for him after the house fire, but the tenacious pup is expected to be available for adoption in about a month.

"Even though, physically Gage is damaged, his spirit is not broken," wrote the HSSM on Facebook. "Despite what he's been through, he remains an extremely affectionate dog who possesses a zest for life and definite will to live through weeks of vet appointments and continued treatments."

To follow Gage's treatment and help him on his road to recovery, click here.