23 Pit Bulls Who Are Already Rocking Their Fall Jackets

Ready the pumpkin spice - Autumn is almost upon us! These stylish pitties are ready for the season in adorable outfits to keep them warm.

1. "Gulliver's Mom Just Finished His New Sweater. Handsome Bastard!"

2. "The only dog on the block with a morning jacket and she's rockin' it like a fierce single lady."

3. "Armani looks so handsome in his winter coat ... but we live in Florida."

4. "It's that 'coat and scarf' time of year again."


6. "Mickey Rourke is ready for fall."

7. "Waffles sporting her new sweater."

8. "Opal loves her new coat! And just in time for winter!"

9. "Brienne seems to enjoy her new coat!"

10. "Striking a model pose in her new handmade sweater!"

11. "Young Erwin Showing Off His Winter Coat."

12. "Roxxy's new fall sweater!"

13. "My pitbull Piglet in her little yellow raincoat."

14. "If she could, she'd hibernate over fall and winter. She's not a fan of the wet weather."

15. "Some puppy love for y'all."

16. "They have their sweaters all ready for the fall."

17. "Fathead loves his new sweater!"

18. "So it's getting chilly out but we're still a grass roller. Incoming sweater weather."

19. "Don't let Cane fool you, he loves his sweater from grandma."

20. "Impressed with my new hoodie is an understatement."

21. "Stella staying warm in her bomber's jacket."

22. "Baby all bundled up in her sweatshirt and sherpa jacket on this cold New England morning."

23. "It gets a bit cold in MN."

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