The Only Thing Sweeter Than This Pit Bull Wedding Is The Story Of How They Met

When Abbey and Zeus met each other at a rescue shelter, they were instantly inseparable.

And last week, they celebrated the joy they've brought to each other's lives by getting married.

Here's the groom at the altar, awaiting his bride.

This is the bride, looking down the aisle toward her future husband.

But it wasn't always so clear that the dogs would spend the rest of their lives together.

A victim of years of abuse, Abbey was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas.

It was hard for her to trust anyone, "dog or canine," according to a representative with the shelter. Her shyness turned potential adopters away and she spent more than 800 days at Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where she met Zeus.

Also a victim of cruelty, Zeus arrived at Speranza with what appeared to be bruises from a baseball bat.

Speranza provided the medical care he needed to make a full recovery, but the abuse still left him with one eye missing and a shyness toward strangers.

But in addition to medical care, the shelter also gave Zeus and Abbey a chance to meet each other. And that was the real turning point for the two rescue dogs.

"Abbey didn't get along with other dogs and Zeus wasn't confident with strangers or any other dogs. Until they met each other," a Speranza volunteer explained to the crowd at the wedding.

"Once they found each other, they were inseparable," the volunteer continued.

That's why volunteers feared the dogs would be separated.

It took a while for them to find somebody who wanted to adopt both dogs, but eventually, a young couple heard their story and gave them both a forever home.

Living together for the past few months has been a dream come true for Abbey, Zeus and their new family, the Morettis.

The Morettis had plans for quite some time to give Zeus and Abbey a wedding, but last Saturday was finally the big day.

And as you can tell from the photos, it was a beautiful one.

The wedding officiator read vows for the dogs, who both expressed gratitude for bringing joy into each other's lives and promised to "be yours forever."

"You fill up my days with companionship love and happiness. Speranza saved my life, and you, my dearest Abbey, saved my soul," said the officiator for Zeus.

"Zeus, [you] did what no human and no other dog could have done." the officiator read for Abbey. "Your unconditional love and warm companionship filled the emotional scars that I had so much trouble filling on my own."

"You showed me how to trust and love humans and you made my life whole," Abbey's vows continued.

After the vows, the dogs also exchanged two new collars, in lieu of rings.

Abbey thought she was getting a treat.

Once the ceremony was over, the party began, and the two dogs stuffed their faces with cake, specially made for the event.

And although it was a joyous day for those who attended ...

It's clear that every day has been a joyous one since Zeus and Abbey found each other.

To the happy newlyweds, may your days continue to be filled with happiness and love.

If you'd like to watch the entire ceremony, including the vow exchange (which would bring a grown man to tears), see below.

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