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Pit-Bull That Made His Bed At Shelter, Changes Breed Bias

Rush's owner, Angie, stopped by SICSA Pet Adoption Center with Rush, the Pit-bull who's video of him making his bed went viral, bringing some gifts for the other animals at the shelter. All the staff gathered in the lobby to see him. Rush started going from person to person kissing everyone. It's a cute video of thanks. It also shows how many people it takes to care for one pet at a shelter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-X2wFNWGcg

Rush actually came to SICSA as a puppy, was adopted then returned months later. Once he was an adult dog, it took longer for him to find a home. Puppies are typically adopted before adult dogs. And because of perpetual breed discrimination, some people tend to be afraid to adopt pit-bull breeds. But Rush's video struck accord with people all over the world. SICSA received hundreds of messages from every part of the world about adopting Rush. The video changed many people's minds about adopting pit-bulls. We received many comments from people who said they didn't like Pit-bulls but after watching the video, they would consider adopting one. Watching Rush, a Pit-bull, with a blanket in his mouth making his bed, counteracted the biases some people have about Pit-bull breeds. We hope the video helps people judge pets on their individual behavior, not on their breed, when adopting.