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21 Pit Bull Puppies Who Haven't Quite Figured Things Out Yet

<p><a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/18rnvv/pit_bull_puppy/">Reddit/okthisisit</a><span></span></p>

1. "Wait am I supposed to go somewhere? Ohhh, is that why they call this a walk?"

2. "So your job is to hang out with me all day and play, right?"

3. "Is this food?"

4. "Your bed is comfy. Can it be my bed too?"

5. "Am I going to look just like you when I grow up?"

6. "Is this room my bathroom? I hope you say yes ... "

7. "Why do you keep looking at me and saying 'awww?' Is that my name?"

8. "Based on my spots I'm guessing I'm a baby cow, right?"

9. "Is it dinnertime? Also how many dinners am I allowed to have?"

10. "Is everything really big ... or am I just really little?"

11. "I don't think I know how to drive, do I?"

12. "Do we live here now!? I love it!"

13. "Why are you standing so far away? It makes it harder for me to lick your face."

14. "You're a pretty weird looking puppy, but I love you anyways!"

15. "I don't get it, why can I pee here but not in the living room?"

16. "Whatever is in my mouth right now is just delicious!"

17. "Why is this floor so prickly?"

18. "Why is it so bright out here? Can you turn down that big light in the sky?"

19. "So anything I put in my mouth is mine, is that how that works?"

20. "I think I'll just come with you everywhere from now on."

21. "I can sleep on your tummy every night, right?"

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