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Toddler And Pit Bull Have The BEST Idea For A Party

Kids and dogs actually have a ton in common. They both have endless amounts of energy. They both like to get messy. And, apparently, they both really, really like peanut butter.

When a little boy named Elliott wanted to eat peanut butter and party it up, he knew the one "person" who would be down to do it with him - his pit bull, Gemma. Needless to say, Elliott was right. Gemma was 100% on board with having a peanut butter party.

That's one party that we all definitely wish we had gotten an invite to!

But there's more to Gemma and Elliott's friendship than that - they do lots of awesome things together.

They take selfies.

They get silly.

And, of course, they have more parties.

No matter what they do, though, peanut butter parties will always be the absolute best activity. Who doesn't love peanut butter, right?