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11 Smoochy Pit Bulls In Kissing Booths

1. Enthusiasm always makes up for lack of kissing technique.

(Reddit: biggirlshjuggalo1)

2. It's OK to play it a little coy when you give a smooch.

(Reddit: Goaliee77)

3. You need a few good pups if you want a kissing job done right.

(Reddit: SarahKalia)

4. A kiss between friends is hard to resist.


5. It's perfectly acceptable to be a bit dramatic when you kiss.

(ASPCA Professional)

6. Holding hands (or paws!) can make for a sweeter smooch.

(Grand Forks Herald)

7. Sometimes a kiss can turn into a slobber, and that's okay.

(Reddit: altachica)

8. Some folks would rather have a curious sniff than an actual kiss.


9. It's okay to keep your eyes open if you're a little nervous.


10. It's hard to resist a smooch from such an inviting smile!

(Blue Ribbon News)

11. Surprise kisses are the best kisses.

(Times Union )