Special Pit Bull Knows Exactly How To Make His Little Girl Laugh

Clark Kent was rescued in the nick of time.

He was slated to be put down at the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) because he had kennel cough, not to mention a very unusual-looking face due to abnormal bone growths. But he was saved by Rock & Rawhide in December - because they knew just how special this quirky-looking dog really was.

Almost as soon as he was rescued, however, 1-year-old Clark came down with double pneumonia, and nearly didn't make it - but he did, again, because he's a fighter. And a superhero - just like the original Clark Kent.

This Clark Kent was hospitalized at the Animal Medical Center during his fight with pneumonia, and when he was finally released, he was more than ready for his second chance.

Clark Kent was put into foster care while he recovered, where he met his adorable 3-year-old foster sister, and proved to everyone that he truly is a super dog.

He is SO gentle with his foster sister, and knows exactly how to make her laugh - with endless smooches, of course.

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Clark Kent is up for adoption now. To help make him even more perfect, Rock & Rawhide has started a fundraiser to send Clark to Instinct Dog Training - they want to ensure that he is 100 percent prepared for his new forever family.

Clark is sweet, gentle and just wants to love - let's help make his dreams of a forever home come true!

To donate to Clark Kent's cause, you can check out his donation page.

To inquire about adopting Clark Kent, you can check out his adoption page.