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Pit Bull Family Pulled From Death Row Showers Rescuers With Love

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This sweet family of pit bulls, including mom, dad and eight puppies, are all getting a second chance, thanks to the last-minute efforts of one dedicated rescue.

All 10 dogs were scheduled to be euthanized at a crowded Georgia shelter when Second Chance Rescue offered to take in the entire family, the rescue group explained on Facebook.

"We were sick at the thought of this entire family being wiped out and these babies not even getting the chance to live and be loved," the rescue posted on Friday. "Momma is one of the sweetest most submissive dogs and shelter workers literally pleaded for her life. Dad is just a youngster himself, under a year old, so worried for the fate of his mate and beautiful tiny babies."

Sadly, many pit bulls in the United States never make it out of shelters. Some estimates suggest that about 1 million pitties are euthanized each year, or about 2,800 a day. Misconceptions about the breed lead to lots of dogs just like these who are never even given a chance.

The rescue group is now caring for the puppies and looking for foster homes for their parents. Eventually though, they'll all go to forever homes - hopefully with humans who will be willing to arrange some family reunions.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article said the dogs were pulled from a shelter in NYC. In fact, they were saved from a shelter in Georgia.