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Softy Pit Bulls Who Love Their Fierce Little Chihuahuas

A viral photo showing a tender moment between a pit bull and a Chihuahua has become an iconic image dispelling vicious rumors about pit bulls being a blood-thirsty breed.

First surfacing on the animal-loving internet six months ago, the image makes the soft side of a pit bull pretty blatantly clear.

"My mom sent me this photo of a pit bull and a chihuahua who got adopted together," wrote Reddit user pigoletto.

And it isn't the first time a pit bull has snuggled up to a tiny canine friend.

One video shows a similar odd couple: A pit bull being especially tolerant of his feisty Chihuahua.

Indeed, there appears to be a whole underground Facebook following of the particular match.

Pit bulls and Chihuahuas.

They go together, as it's said, like a wink and a smile.