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Weird Trick Makes Pig's Curly Tail Go Straight In An Instant

Aside from pigs' sweet stubby snouts and unmistakable oinks, nothing is quite so quintessentially swine as the cute curly tails affixed to their posteriors. But, in case you were wondering, taking the twirl out of that twisty little pig appendage apparently isn't as tough as it seems.

In an oddly fascinating little video that's making the rounds on Reddit, a farmer is seen demonstrating a simple trick to turn a pig's tail straight in an instant - with just the touch of a finger. Don't worry though, the effect isn't permanent.

Admittedly, we haven't the slightest idea why a stroke on the back would make the pig's tail suddenly lose its springiness (if you do, let us know), but that small bit of trivia somehow only makes these quaint, quirky animals all the more lovable.