Freezing Piglet Pulled From Snow Finds A Perfect New Home

The Smith family was out skiing when they saw something pink moving in a snow pile.

Upon closer inspection they discovered a tiny freezing piglet.

On the piglet's ear was a number; it's thought that he probably fell from an factory farm truck into the icy weather, an incident that probably ended up saving his life.

Wee Wee the piglet arrived at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland on Wednesday, joining the ranks of other rescued farm animals like him.

The Smith family said goodbye to the formerly freezing little bundle, whom they'd brought up to their room at the ski lodge - hush-hush up the back stairwell, of course.

The love, care and food the Smith family provided to him during the snowstorm truly brought Wee Wee back to life.

Facebook/Elisabeth Smith

When the roads were cleared, the family brought Wee Wee to his happy new life at the sanctuary.

"WeeWee the pig is finally here!" Poplar Spring posted to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon. "After an exciting sled ride in the crate from the car to the Infirmary, this adorable little boy is settling in to his new home."

The sanctuary writes that Wee Wee "loves his new dog bed and teddy bear too! He is such a sweet little pig, and already loves belly rubs and is climbing in our laps to get petted. He runs around and plays like a little puppy! He will have a wonderful life here, and when he is a little bigger he will be able to live in the barn with lots of rescued pig friends."

From just a number on a truck to freezing in a pile of snow, Wee Wee has come quite a long way.

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