Scared Pig Knew Exactly Who To Ask For Help

"I look across the road and I see something's running at the edge of the forest… and then right at me."

It's not every day a guy is relieving himself in the cool, country air of northern Quebec, Canada - and a runaway pig barrels toward him.

Then again, not everyone is Rob Boisvert, a team member of Refuge RR, who seems to be a magnet for pigs in distress.

Refuge RR

The Dodo wrote about Boisvert last month, after he made a death-defying run across several lanes of highway traffic to save a piglet who had just fallen off a slaughterhouse truck.

This time, he was visiting a friend and looking to use Mother Nature's restroom - a convenient patch of woods on his friend's property - when the pig came to him.

"I look across the road and I see something's running at the edge of the forest... and then right at me," he tells The Dodo.

Boisvert and his friends corralled the 4-month-old pig, loading her into the back of a van. Once there, she just flopped down, completely spent.

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"She was that worn out," Boisvert explains. "She was running for a while. I've been around a lot of pigs. And to see them that tired. She was running from something. You never know, she could have been chased by dogs, coyotes, anything."

But after an hour into the three-hour drive back to the sanctuary in Alexandria, Ontario, the pig started showing her gratitude to Boisvert and his partner in rescue, Nadine Leblanc.

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By the time the pig arrived at Refuge RR, she had a name - Tilly - and a future.

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Tilly is in quarantine right now, as staff members assess her medical condition. But soon, she will join the tiny pig who came before her, the highway rescue named Gracie - and live out her years at the sprawling sanctuary.

Boisvert and Gracie | Refuge RR

"She's drinking and doing fine," Boisvert says. "I'm still cleaning up my van as we speak. She had some fun in there."

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At first glance, Boisvert may not have seemed like the kind of guy a pig in trouble goes running to - heavily tattooed, wearing his "Cannibal Corpse" concert t-shirt and, well, peeing in the woods.

But then again, animals have a funny way of looking past all that and finding just the right heart they need at just the right time.

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If you would like to support Refuge RR and its mission to save countless animals like Tilly and Gracie, consider making a donation here.