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Baby Pig Gets New Pool And Has Cutest Little Freakout

<p> YouTube/Tammy Scheers </p>

Who said pigs like mud? This little guy can't get enough of water.

Willow the pig was treated to a very special present recently: a brand-new swimming pool. And it sent him over the moon. In a brief video posted by his parents, Willow can be seen jumping and splashing and squiggling in happiness as he tries to push as much water out of the pool as possible.

Eventually, he decides he's had enough - so he clumsily runs off to roll around in some grass.

While Willow's happy dance might be his very own creation, he's not the only pig who gets excited around water. Click here for a pig who just can't handle his trip to the beach.

Note: Though Willow is described as a "mini pig" in the video title, it's worth mentioning that even the smallest breeds can reach 60 pounds or more in just their first year. Every year hundreds of so-called mini pigs are abandoned when they outgrow their owners' expectations. Pigs require specialized care and dedicated owners so if you want to add a pig to your family make sure you do your research and, as always, look into adoption.