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Pig Who Lost His Ears In Attack Hasn't Stopped Smiling Since He Got Home

He's being spoiled by his mom now.

The thing about Rex is he loves dogs almost as much as people.

So when the potbellied ran into a couple of big dogs while ambling around his yard in British Columbia, Canada, in July, he did what came naturally - and sidled right up to them.

It didn't go well.

His owner, Dayna Denman, got a call that day from her neighbor. Rex had been badly mauled.

"He was found lying and bleeding badly in the middle of thick bush by my neighbor who brought him some blankets and sat with him until I got there," Denman wrote in a Facebook post.

Denman rushed to the scene. Despite his grave condition, Rex managed to stir when he heard her voice.

Rushed to the hospital, Rex began a long road to recovery.

Along the way, the pig, who was a popular figure in the community, had a lot of friends cheering for him. Many of them pitched in to help pay for his growing medical bills.

Vets couldn't save Rex's ears although his hearing remained intact. And that trademark smile came back pretty quickly.

Maybe even a bit brighter than before.

Maybe that's due to how spoiled he's been since his accident.

We're talking hand-scooped dollops of yogurt.

Facebook/Rex's Road To Recovery

Car rides with carrots on demand.

Pedicures to perish for.

Eternal mud rolls.

Wagon rides.

And all the comforts of home.

As for dogs? Even after his near-fatal encounter, Rex shows no ill will toward the species. In fact, a couple of his very best friends happen to be of the canine persuasion.

Welcome home, little man.

You can follow the adventures of Rex, who also goes by "the Lion-Hearted Pig" now - for obvious reasons - on Instagram and Facebook.

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