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Story Behind The Shot: Photographing Gray Wolves

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I've been visiting Parc Omega -- a conservation/nature park -- for a while now. It's located in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, a 45-minute drive from Ottawa, Canada. I love that I can drive inside this large conservation park, to see these great animals.

Inside the park, they have a large variety of animals, including Wapitis, Elks, Arctic Foxes, Bisons, and amongst some of my favorites, are deer, bears and wolves.

Every time I go, the weather gets better and better. First few visits were a bit discouraging, due to the nice weather, the wolves preferred to lay and enjoy the sun, than to run around or even stand up.

Last week, during my visit, the grey wolves were having a great time, running, stretching, playing, and enjoying each others' company, and I even got growled at. Wolves fascinate me, from their howling, their hunting to their beauty. There is a tall fence between myself and the wolves. I know my security is the park's best intention and when I visit the park, especially on this large and long pedestrian walkway where I visit the wolves and bears.

Each picture shows them in their habitat and their daily routine while always on the prowl.

These 3 were in a good mood and it showed.

Getting ready to defend their territory, watching my every move.


Beautiful, fearless and strong.