Little Girl Can't Go To Sleep Until She Kisses All 100 Of Her Animals

Australia's Greener Pastures Sanctuary provides temporary and forever homes for rescued farm animals.

Founder Rachael Parker and her daughter, Phoenix. | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

As with any animal shelter or rescue, it takes takes the work of many to care for all the residents.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

But there's one little worker who stands out from the rest ...

Phoenix and Malibu | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... and this 5 year old is very good at her job.

"Even at an [16 months] she was confident and so affectionate with them," Rachael Parker told The Dodo. "Some of our animals arrive with troubling backgrounds and aren't very fond of humans, but they always seem to be at ease with Phoenix."

Phoenix and Gwendoline | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

"Gwendoline was brought to us yesterday by our local ranger. She is technically still impounded but so far no one has put their hand up to claim her," the Facebook caption accompanying the previous photo states.

"Phoenix has been caring for her beautifully as always. Gwendoline calls out and paces the fence when we leave her despite having other sheep in sight so Phoenix sits and talks to her at feed times. The animals always seem at ease with this little human by their side."

Phoenix Parker, the daughter of Rachael and Dave Parker, who founded the sanctuary, is best friends with the all of the animals who live at Greener Pastures.

Vinny joining Phoenix for breakfast. | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

She also takes her duty of providing companionship and comfort to the animals pretty seriously.

Phoenix taking Freckle on a walk. | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

After all, Phoenix has grown up with many of these animals and sees them on a daily basis.

It's not unusual to catch her snuggling up to chickens, for example.

Phoenix and Chi Chi | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

She really loves her chickens. "She is especially fond of the feathery members of our family and will cuddle roosters who are almost the size of her," Rachael said.

Phoenix and Jerry | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

Surprisingly, they make good companions when it comes time to watch cartoons.

Phoenix and Jerry | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

She also naps with pigs ...

Phoenix and Wombat | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... and is just as likely to get down and dirty with them during play time.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

Rachael also added that Phoenix is a master at getting a 660-pound pig to roll over just for one of her special belly rubs.

Phoenix also cleans hooves ...

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... gives out dinner ...

Phoenix helping Malibu with his dinner. | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... takes little goats out on walks ...

Phoenix leading the way for Vinny. | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... and makes certain the cows don't eat her shoes ...

Phoenix and Pixie | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... but their actual treats instead.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

As for the most time-consuming part of Phoenix's very busy days?

"It does tend to take a long time when we have to kiss and cuddle each of the 100 individual animals goodnight," Rachael said.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

... a value no doubt instilled in her by her family.

The Parkers (and Freckle). | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

You can keep up with Phoenix and her adventures on Facebook.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary

Want to help Phoenix and her family continue to do good work for rescued farm animals?

Phoenix and Naboo | Greener Pastures Sanctuary

Consider making a donation here or sponsoring an animal here.