21 Pets Thinking They're Things They Most Definitely Are Not

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"She thinks she is a towel."

"My dog thinks he is a people."

"She thinks she is a lion."

"He thinks he's a floor-mat"

"She thinks she's soda"

"He thinks he's Elvis"

"Hedgehog thinks he's a muffin!"

"She thinks she is shoes"

"The kitten thinks he's a beard"

"Sometimes he thinks he's the rug"

"He thinks he's a flower"

"Herbert thinks he's a dinosaur"

"Franklin thinks he is a teacher"

"He thinks he's a dust bunny."

"Kai thinks he is invisible if he closes his eyes"

"My friend's cat thinks he's a penguin."

"This is Chipper. He thinks he's a bat."

"My cat thinks she's an Olympic diver."

"She thinks she can be a pear"

"My cat thinks he's professional wrestler. My other cat is less amused."

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