12 Pet Duos Who Are Totally You And Your Mom

1. Sometimes having Mom around can make you braver.

Reddit: jaycrew

2. You know that she will always be there to lend a helping hand - er, paw.

Reddit: Doctor_Kitten

3. Although sometimes it can take a LITTLE extra effort to get Mom's attention.


4. You never have to brag - because she's already gloating for you.

Reddit: sillyband

5. Sometimes Mom can be a teeny bit embarrassing ...

Reddit: fightingpumpkincrime

6. ... But then again, you weren't exactly an angel child.

Reddit: revile221

7. Nobody can tell a bedtime story like Mom.

Reddit: sleeper141

8. To this day, no one gives a more comforting hug.

Reddit: hellcat27

9. Even if you were "too cool," you still secretly aspired to be more like her.

Reddit: TheH0F

10. She was always there when you had a nightmare.


11. Her wise words could comfort you in any situation.

Reddit: i_hate_bigs

12. And in the end, despite your (many) differences, you now realize that you two aren't really so different after all.

Reddit: bacondavis