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17 Pets Who Are Showing Off Their Beautiful Snaggle-Toofs

Because you don't need perfect teeth to have a killer smile!

1. "Yes. I know that I'm beautiful. You don't need to tell me."

2. "I'm PROUD of my teefs!"

3. "This is my favorite tooth, so I wanted to show everybody."

4. " ... Sometimes I don't even know the power of my own snaggle-teef."

5. "One tooth can contain a lot of star power, you know."

6. "Allow me to introduce you to my million dollar smile!"

7. "Being dashing is a full-time job."

8. "Even Rod Stewart thinks my pearly whites are special."

9. "I call this look 'Underbite in Repose.'"

10. "It's okay if you're intimidated by my fang."

11. "It isn't easy possessing such a charismatic grin ... "

12. " ... But SOMEBODY'S gotta serve face around here."

13. "Two snaggle toofs are better than one!"

14. "Not everyone can mug for the camera like I can."

15. "Snaggle tooth? You mean my AWESOME tooth?"

16. "This light really showcases my glamorous chompers."

17. "Yeah - I woke up like this."

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