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17 Pets Who Can't Believe You Aren't Taking Them On Your Trip

1. "So ... you just decided to make me a new bed, right? That's all this is?"

((Reddit: heyitskateeeee)

2. "Um, where exactly do you think you're going, Human?"

(Reddit: HEY_NOOOW)

3. "Oh, don't mind me. I'm travel-sized!"

(Reddit: Bytchen)

4. "I noticed you forgot to pack my toys, so I thought I'd help you out."

(Reddit: ragelover96)

5. "But, but ... I fit in your suitcase so perfectly!"

(Reddit: admiralnano)

6. "Ha, you thought you were going somewhere without me - you're HILARIOUS!"

(Reddit: scumbagcoley)

7. "If my calculations are correct, me sitting on this means you can't leave."

(Reddit: GiannaFote)

8. "What a perfectly sized cat holder! We're all ready to go!"

(Reddit: Dipsomanic)

9. "I took out those ugly blue jeans to make room for me - hope that's okay."

(Reddit: OTrainbow)

10. "Nice try, human. We've taken this suitcase as our hostage."

(Reddit: mister_pond)

11. "No, no, it's fine! I'll just be here ... waiting for you to come back ... FOREVER."

(Reddit: amonust)

12. "I mean, I guess you can leave - but the suitcase is staying with me."

(Reddit: burndtdan)

13. "Don't even THINK about it! We've got a comfy pillow, and we are coming WITH YOU."

(Reddit: Ocarwolf)

14. "You thought you could leave us that easily, eh, Human? Well the joke's on you! We're stowaways!"


15. "This is a peaceful protest - I'm not moving until you agree to stay home!"

) (Reddit: id0nteven)

16. "Uh ... I thought if I lay perfectly still you might think I was luggage."

(Reddit: _smores)

17. "If you think I'm NOT going to sit here and make you feel guilty while you pack, you've got another thing coming."

(Reddit: Jamesev93)

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