12 Pets Who Are Being Total Divas Right Now

It's not easy being this flawless 'n furry.

1. "Ugh. This hairstyle is just NOT working for me today."

Reddit: tobeyk

2. "Oh, just spending the day on my yacht. You know, the usual."

Reddit: inscrutable_turtle

3. "I just CAN'T EVEN with this dreadful slipcover."

Reddit: Baardaad

4. "Wonderful, my tiara finally arrived!"

Reddit: maegsy

5. "It ought to be a crime to look this good."

Reddit: kmac51190

6. "Um, WHERE is my organic Fancy Feast?"

Reddit: JoadRage14

7. "I suppose you may kiss my paw. Just don't linger."

Reddit: MinervaZive

8. "Well of COURSE I have my own leather couch! Did you think I would SHARE??"

Reddit: charliethekitty

9. "I need at least nine hours to be at my most radiant in the morning."

Reddit: migalooo

10. "Tuck me in before you turn off the lights, please."

Reddit: Spartandog

11. "Ugh, I hope people don't try to ask for my autograph. AGAIN."

Reddit: redloin

12. "Read the sign."

Reddit: Wookiestick