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12 Pets Who Can't Believe We Have 6 More Weeks Of Winter

1. "M-more ... more snow? How is that even possible??"


2. "Ok, snow, I've had enough. You can go away now."

(Reddit: ghorbstar)

3. "And the cold never bothered me anyway ... Oh, who am I kidding, yes it does."

(Reddit: Joeyfingis)

4. "I'm not taking this off until spring."

(Reddit: kelizaabeth)

5. "This snow view was cool. TWO MONTHS AGO."

(reddit: labpaul)

6. "Great. This winter is my life now."


7. "I'll just be right here for the next month, quietly waiting to thaw out."

(Reddit: berkyaman)

8. "I guess it's time to break out the sweatpants."

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(Reddit: iam7head)

10. "Alright, Human. We have work to do. More winter = more snuggles."

(Reddit: yummie4mytummie)

11. "Well, I don't care if it's still winter, I am done building snowcats. DONE, I SAY."


12. "I'm going into hibernation mode. Wake me up on March 20."

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