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28 Rescue Pets On Their First Day Home From The Shelter

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1. "It's Murray's first day home from the shelter and he's a little unsure of why I keep pointing my phone at him."

2. "Riley's first day home from the pound!"

3. "Bentley's first day home from the shelter."

4. "His first day in our home after we rescued him."

5. "Meet Patches. We adopted him from an animal shelter. This was his first day at his new home."

6. "First day I adopted Zoe."

7. "My rescue puppy his very first day home."

8. "First day home from the humane society. I think he likes it."

9. "Zoey on her first day home from the shelter."

10. "This is Hope meeting her new dad for the first time. This is probably the best day of her life so far."

11. "I adopted her from the Humane Society ... the first day she slept in my apartment, this is what she looked like!"

12. "Meowers found her favorite spot to nap on the first day home from the shelter."

13. "The first day out of the shelter is the best day."

14. "First day after getting the kittens from the shelter, Luckily we saved them in time!"

15. "First night home from the shelter, and she's been like this for 6 of the last 7 hours."

16. "Surprised my 10 year old today on his birthday by letting him bring home a cat from the shelter. His cat was the runt of the litter, shy, and timid. When asked why he picked that cat he said 'I don't know, he just seemed so special.' I think they were meant for each other."

17. "The day he was rescued from the shelter."

18. "Just adopted this little guy from the local shelter."

19. "'Please don't leave me' The day we brought her home from the shelter."

20. "Brought home this 6 week old little boy from the shelter today."

21. "Tiny got adopted from the local shelter today. He is pretty stoked."

22. "We rescued this tired little chocolate lab from the shelter today."

23. "Brought him home from a shelter today. Was worried how the other would take. Looks like it's going well!"

24. "Just picked this little guy up from the shelter."

25. "Sister just rescued this guy from a local shelter. Face of pure joy."

26. "Within an hour of bringing her home from the shelter."

27. "Just adopted this 2 yr old cutie from a shelter and I feel like I won the lottery."

28. "Sasha on day 1 of life with her forever family."

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