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16 Pets Who Are Having A Bit Of An Identity Crisis

Dogs who think they're cats, cats who think they're dogs - everything is topsy-turvy!

1. "I have decided to become a cat."

2. "If this treat is just for dogs ... then go ahead and call me Fido."

3. "All I want to do is lounge here and silently judge you. Meow."

4. "Um, I think this door actually IS for me, thankyouverymuch."

5. "I love fetch! I will fetch everything, Human!"


6. "Mine. My box."

7. "What? I ALWAYS bring you your slippers, Human."

8. "Um, obviously I belong here with the other cats."

9. "This is my crate now. Woof."

10. "Oh, you know, the usual. Just up here gossiping with my fellow cat."

11. "Perhaps someday I'LL be in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show."

12. "If I fits, I ... well, you know how it goes."

13. "I LOVE feeling the wind on my face!"

14. "Laser pointer! Laser pointer! I love laser pointer!"


15. "Human. Please throw this ball for me."

16. "Just lounging, you know. The usual."

"You guys, I'm having a totally different kind of identity crisis."