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8 Pets Who Have Turned Hugging Into An Art Form

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1. Sometimes a standard paw-shake just isn't enough of a greeting.

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2. Resting is always easier when there's some sort of embrace involved, obviously!

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3. Hugs are the best remedies for stressful vet visits.

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4. Little-known fact: you CAN stretch and hug at the same time!

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5. Hugging is merely a gateway to snuggles.

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6. At the end of a hard day, it's important to hug someone you care about.

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7. Occasionally hugs are so relaxing that you just fall asleep in the middle of them - and that's totally okay.

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8. Most importantly: everyone needs a hug sometimes. Even chickens. (You'll have to wait your turn, Rooster!)

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It is always important to make sure your pet actually enjoys snuggles before you hug them. If they do, lucky you!:

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Check out the best hugs in video form below: