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David Bowie's Legacy Lives On In These Perfectly Named Pets

With the sad news that David Bowie passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer, we join the world in remembering his life and eclectic career. But while his body of work has endeared him to generations of fans who mourn his loss, his legacy will also live on through pets who were named in his honor.

Bowie had a condition called anisocoria, wherein one pupil is larger than the other, which gave his eyes the appearance of being two different colors. Though unrelated, it mimicked another rare trait, called heterochromia, that actually does result in eyes being different colors.

Naturally, for folks whose pets have heterochromia, there was no more fitting name for their furry companions than one which paid homage to Bowie.

"I named her after David Bowie. Meet Bowie."

"Our latest addition, little Ziggy Stardust."

"Her name is Bowie"

"David Bowie the dog"

"Ziggy Stardust..."

"David Bowie dog :)"

"This is Bowie. He's deaf, he's my best buddy, and he turned 6 today."

"Meet Bowie"

"My family used to have a cat called Bowie..."

Beyond just unique eyes, some pets have other qualities that give them a distinctly Bowie-esque appearance.

"So named for the blaze on her face, Ziggy Stardust"

"My friend's chicken, named David Bowie."

Of course, a pet needn't bear any resemblance at all to honor their namesake. Indeed, with every furry Bowie, Ziggy or Stardust in the world, his legacy lives on.

"Our 3 dogs we named after the great David Bowie: Bowie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Ziggy (Miniature Dachshund) and Stardust (English Bulldog)"