15 Pets Who Are 'Helping' You Work

1. "You don't actually need this hand, do you?"


2. "I'm just here for moral support. Because typing seems hard."

Reddit: General_Pie

3. "Heeeeey. Whatcha doin'? And why aren't you playing with me?"

Reddit: debrouta

4. "Need me to spell-check anything?"

Reddit: crownoforion

5. "You're doing a great job. Stop moving around so much, though."

Reddit: iliveinphoenix

6. "So ... are you gonna be done sooooon??"

Reddit: bgibs4

7. "This would be so much easier if I could read."

Reddit: jkpritchard

8. "I brought you your favorite toy, Human. I'm very helpful."

Reddit: Syntheticturtle

9. "Here, let me help you with that mouse ... "

Reddit: qubedView

10. "Um, okay, I'm pretty sure your job is to PLAY with me?"

Reddit: gcaseym

11. "Ugggh, this is so boring, why do you do this??"

Reddit: a_lexicon

12. "Uh-oh ... I think I pressed the wrong key."

Reddit: samesmile

13. "You can have this back when I'm finished snuggling with it."

Reddit: SpoonParty

14. "Sheesh, what's taking you so long?"

Reddit: Siosaysevolve

15. "Hey! Hey! Did you hear that knock-knock joke I was telling in the break room? It's a DOOZY."

Reddit: illonlybeonforaminut