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This Is What Pets REALLY Want For Christmas

Love, treats — and to win the lottery?

What do your pets want for the holidays? One veterinarian's office has made it a yearly tradition to find out.

A vet clinic decided to hold a holiday giveaway one year, and had participants write down their pets' Christmas wishes. Then, clinic staff used those wishes to decorate the clinic's Christmas tree.

"A few years ago I started a holiday giveaway at my vet clinic that required clients to put their pet's Christmas wish on our tree and ever since it's my Christmas tradition," wrote imgur user justblieve this week.

Now, everyone who comes into the clinic can see what local pets REALLY want for Christmas.

Some of the wishes are incredibly sweet ...

... some are a little silly ...

... and some are very, very relatable.

Whatever the wish, the tradition is a sweet reminder that our pets love us and are thankful for their families this holiday season, just like we are ...

... although these guys could totally do without that pesky, bed-stealing cat. Help them out, Santa!