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10 Sly Pets Who Aren't Breaking The Rules — Just Bending Them

1. "No, I'm clearly NOT on the counter. I'm OBVIOUSLY just standing on this stool."

(Reddit: marqoqo)

2. "I'M not sitting on the couch - only my bottom is!"

(Reddit: Jessica2590)

3. "I'm simply stretching to get a better look at that beautiful water bottle collection you have."

(Reddit: aerdna14)

4. "I'm only touching the bed. With my face. And my paws."

(Reddit: M1K3AA)

5. "Just making sure this granite's really solid ... yep, seems good."

(Reddit: TehJams)

6. "Uh, no. I fell over, and the couch broke my fall."

(Reddit: seannymurrs)

7. "Counter? What counter?"

(Reddit: unbound_primate)

8. "I'm not ON the couch - I AM the couch."

(Reddit: RainingDinosaurs)

9. "I may not be allowed on the table, but you didn't say anything about sitting in your purse!"

(Reddit: RadicalRascal)

10. "I wanted to check what kind of fabric this is."

(Reddit: corruptcake)