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Benefits Of Bringing Dogs To Work, According To A Dog

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Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

Oliver is a two-year-old King Charles Cavalier spaniel x shihtzu cross who lives in Vancouver. When he's not playing with his toys, eating or napping, he's being positively evangelical about the benefits of bringing dogs to work.

"We don't like being left at home alone for that long," barks Oliver as he curls onto his bed. "We weren't meant to be by ourselves for eight hours at a time. It's hard on our emotions."

Oliver is normally a mature and patient pup, but he's been known to tear up couch cushions when left alone for too long - not to mention the shoe eating incident of 2014.

"Bringing us to work isn't only better for dogs, either. It makes you humans more productive, happier and healthier, too."

Oliver is very right about that. Here are five fantastic reasons why bringing dogs to work should be a no-brainer:

1. Take more (and better) breaks

Frequent short breaks are a proven way to keep employees from becoming fatigued, particularly those who otherwise run the risk of burning out by spending too much time staring at the same screen or working on the same task.

"You look like you could use a break. How about we get some exercise with this toy?" - Oliver

Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

2. Get along better with colleagues

Studies and experiences show that an office dog (or dogs) can be a very easy and powerful bonding tool. The shared love and attention that co-workers have for the dog naturally translates to an amicability - or at least a point of conversation - that they can share with one another. And Oliver certainly enjoys being the center of love and attention.

"Best practices for relaxation, right here. Take notes." - Oliver

Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

3. Reduce stress

Stress levels are naturally lowered with a skittering, waggling, constantly pleased puppy around. Some posit that it's because dogs seem to have boundless energy, enthusiasm and love to offer - and this positivity is infectious and difficult to resist. I mean just look at that unhindered joy.

"My to-do list is long today, but if I can check off belly-rubs I'll be well on my way." - Oliver

Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

4. Improve your overall health

One of the most concerning effects of stress is its impact on the immune system. Constant stress makes employees far more likely to fall ill. Introducing a little dog-driven workplace positivity can create a feedback loop of happiness and ease, therefore reducing stress. Just be sure none of your co-workers have allergies!

"One time, I had a cold and I woke myself up with my own sneeze. Now that was stressful." - Oliver

Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

5. Increase productivity

Having a short burst of time away from your computer to clear your head allows you to return with a fresh perspective and a more engaged mind. And, for some, the fun of being able to play with a dog may encourage them to work a little faster, or a little harder, to really "earn" that next break.

"I tell you when you can take breaks. You have to finish that project before you can back this chair up." - Oliver

Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

So there you have it: five fantastic reasons why bringing pets to work is great for your office. But it's not just good for work-ethic and company culture, it helps your dog, too. Oliver is exactly right when he barks that it's not good for your pets to be left alone for too long, but doggy daycare can be pricey. Obviously not all offices are open to the idea of pets at work, but if you can do it, your pet will thank you for it.

"I'm just glad my company has great dental benefits. I mean, look at these pearly whites!" - Oliver

Photo: Sydney Goodfellow

All photos in this post are of Paysavvy's favorite K-9 colleague, Oliver. Read more reasons why bringing dogs to work is a great idea.