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Circus Camel Goes Days Without Ever Seeing The Sun

For circus animals, the worst moments of their lives often occur after the spotlights dim. A new investigation shows what the Peter Jolly Circus in the U.K. doesn't want anyone to see.

Peter Jolly Circus animals are kept in this ramshackle enclosure. | YouTube/Animal Defenders International

A man in a hoodie comes into the corner of a dark barn, footage released by Animal Defenders International (ADI) shows. He stands before the animal, who investigators observed going days without going outside, and spits in his face.

The Peter Jolly Circus camel, Kashmir, gets paraded around in the spotlight. | ADI

The camel is known as Kashmir. And he's just one of the animals enduring miserable treatment.

Kashmir the camel is taunted by a worker. | YouTube/Animal Defenders International

Confined for long periods in a ramshackle enclosure, the animals sometimes turn on each other, bullying their neighbors for more space, the investigation revealed.

But more space just doesn't exist for them.

Animals endure severe overcrowding in their enclosure. | YouTube/Animal Defenders International

ADI investigators, who spotlighted poor treatment of Peter Jolly's tigers in 2014, visited the Peter Jolly Circus animals four times during the past two winters, and they were astounded at what they saw.

Some animals were tethered for 14 hours a day, ADI observed. Kashmir was observed being confined to his pen for a stretch of six days. Once, the animals went 40 hours without being untied.

One pony bullies another as the animals struggle to have enough space to stay sane. | YouTube/Animal Defenders International

The zebras were kept in a cage less than half the size it's supposed to be, according to ADI.

The zebra enclosure is less than half the required size. | YouTube/Animal Defenders International

The animals spend 4 to 5 months each year in that enclosure, during the winter months. Then, they're carted out to travel and perform.

"Circuses are no fun for animals," ADI Vice President Tim Phillips said. "Confinement and deprivation are endemic to this industry whether the circuses are touring or not."

Click here to sign a petition against using wild animals in circuses in the U.S. To learn how to campaign against circuses like Peter Jolly in the U.K., click here. If you're in Britain, click here to contact your representative to parliament.

The Peter Jolly Circus did not reply to The Dodo's request for comment.

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