12 Pet Parrots You Can't Believe Even Exist

From parakeets to lovebirds, cockatoos to parrotlets, these feathery pet parrots are full of plucky personality.

1. This peachy-cheeked charmer with a winning smile.

Reddit: BronzeOwl

2. These bird buddies who are doing trust exercises.

Reddit: KevinSledge12

3. This snuggly and doting duo.

Reddit: waldoooo

4. This pair of sleepy peeps.

Reddit: KalansPhantom

5. This bright-beaked buddy.

Reddit: MangoBawls

6. This unlikely canine companion.

Reddit: Molloy861

7. This drowsy Twitter follower.

Reddit: cutiepie36

8. The parrot who has no idea where this mess came from.

Reddit: leafoefea123

9. This talented parakeet performer.


10. This curious explorer.

Reddit: smalltung

11. This preening princess who's found some handy nest material.


12. This affectionate fellow who just wants some cheek rubs!