Pet Cockatiel Saves Man From Burning Home

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A man from Avilla, Indiana is still alive after fire ravaged his home earlier this week, all thanks to one colorful little bird -- his pet cockatiel, Dylan.

Andrew Hardiek had been fast asleep after completing a third shift at his factory job when a fire broke out beneath his house. It was only when a panicked Dylan began squawking for his attention that Andrew was stirred from sleep, alerting him to the smoke and flames in time for both he and his pet to escape unharmed.

"Without Dylan waking me up, I probably wouldn't be here right now," he told news station WANE.

Sadly, Andrew's home was completely destroyed in the blaze, but even emergency crews acknowledged that a much bigger tragedy was avoided thanks to the fast response of that little feathered hero.

"The bird notified him before the smoke detectors notified him," says John A. Brazzel, Chief of the Avilla Fire Department. "I've heard of dogs and other animals waking people up from fires but never a bird."