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13 Cats Born With Perfect Mustaches

1. Let those whiskers out of the box for the whole world to see.

Reddit: soseu

2. It's not the size of the cat, it's the size of the 'stache.

Reddit: jaystar99

3. You don't need perfect posture when you've got such perfect bristles.

Reddit: O__C

4. Venture outside for the sole purpose of displaying your proud mustache.

Reddit: ragingsparrow

5. Mustache privileges DO exist - and they mean you can lay on as much clean laundry as you want!

Reddit: vendetta2115

6. Sometimes facial hair can turn you into a glorious walrus!

Reddit: threewordstyle

7. Bodacious bristles make for better daydreaming.

Reddit: Hancock02

8. Who says mustaches can't be dainty and petite?

Reddit: NovAtan

9. When it comes to cat facial hair, fuzzier is always better.

Reddit: threewordstyle

10. Sometimes the weight of your mustache becomes too great and you have to lie down.

Reddit: jupitergal23

11. There's nothing quite like that moment when the light hits your facial hair juuuust right.

Reddit: horsesinthesky

12. Do not wake the whiskers as they slumber.

Reddit: PoorGirlEatingClassy

13. All cat 'staches are beautiful. All of them.

Reddit: Protostarformation