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'Shelter Dogs Are Dangerous' Story Gets Best Possible Response

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There are a lot of opinions out there, and if someone comes out with one that isn't exactly, er, popular, you can be sure that people are going to take notice.

The Roanoke Times published an article saying that shelter dogs are dangerous - and obviously, people are a little ticked off.

While the article mostly targets pit bulls - the author suggests they are bred to fight and therefore dangerous - it cautions against adopting any shelter dog. As we know, pit bulls are widely stereotyped, even though they have proved themselves to be one of the sweetest breeds ever. Pit bull owners know what they're really like. And yet, an estimated 70 percent of dogs in shelters are pit bulls, and they're also one of the most highly euthanized breeds - in 2014 they were named the most euthanized breed in shelters in Colorado. Articles like the one The Roanoke Times published aren't helping anything.

The article also calls out Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) as being part of the problem of promoting "dangerous" dogs. Indeed, BFAS has a page completely dedicated to stopping breed discrimination, exactly as they should.

There are so many people living happily with rescue dogs, and they're getting tired of people giving those pets a bad rap - whether they be pit bulls or any other deserving dog in a shelter. Rescuing a dog is the best, most rewarding experience - and a whole bunch of people took to the Facebook comments section to prove it. Here are some reactions to The Roanoke Times article:

"In other news, 5 million pit bulls did nothing but love their families today....."

"My rotten, vicious, mean, aggressive rescue...Karma"

"My vicious rescue dog. Quite frankly I can't believe we are still alive. Look at that tongue, like she's getting ready to attack. Just terrifying."

"My vicious rescue beast!!"

"My rescue Sadie read this and disapproves!!"

"#couchpotatoe #meathead #pitbull #wouldnthurtafly"

"Double whammy: a RVSPCA alumni AND a 'pit bull'. My God, it's amazing that between myself, my husband and our four cats, we've narrowly escaped being a fatality statistic for almost four years of living with this violent, unpredictable creature!"

"Blueberry can 'bearly' contain his laughter..."

"Here's my rescue Rottweiler. I'll tell my niece to be more careful since apparently he might turn on us at any point."

"End breed discrimination!!"

"Seriously beware of rescue dogs... I adopted a pit/lab mix and he took over my heart and my bed! The bastard!"

"Dogs are just like humans. Sometimes products of their environment, sometimes irritable when messed with, rarely perfect, and will occasionally fight over the last cupcake, but they are also loyal and loving to those who are loving and loyal to them. Just as humans, no two dogs are exactly the same."

"Beware of too many snuggles when you're sick or upset. Beware of having your pillow stolen and not much room in your own bed. Beware of a dog that's scared of rain and of his own shadow. Beware of a dog who lets his little brother (a rescue beagle) boss him around. Beware of a sweet, goofy pit who thinks he's a lap dog and might squish you sometimes."

"Watch out Bonnie Lee, this scary rescue dog is dreaming of ways to educate ignorant people like yourself!"

And of course ...