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People Are Enjoying Grumpy Cat's Media Tour -- But Is She?

The cat who rules the web turns two today, and just in time for her birthday, Tardar Sauce -- more commonly known as "Grumpy Cat" -- is on a media tour of New York. Friskies has already announced plans to throw a massive birthday party for Grumpy Cat and her most dedicated followers on April 29, but the pouty feline and her owners are in the city a few weeks early to celebrate on their own. Well, not entirely on their own -- they've also been spotted hanging out with the staff of Vogue and T Magazine, and reportedly visited InStyle and several other publications earlier on Friday afternoon.

Before her current series of go-sees, Grumpy Cat also appeared at South By Southwest, in Austin, Texas, where she posed for photographs with eager fans at an event sponsored by Mashable. She was also featured on the cover of New York Magazine last October.

Of course, Grumpy Cat looks miserable (by human standards) in every photo, as she always does -- but is she actually as upset about these meet-and-greets as she seems? "The best way to know if she is [actually] grumpy would be to look for other signs of stress, such as aggression, lack of appetite, or hiding," said Mikel Delgado, a cat expert at Feline Minds. "Grumpy Cat is pretty young, so it's possible that she has adapted well to travel. Her owners suggest that she enjoys it and does well."

And Grumpy Cat's owners, Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen, reportedly make it a point to take care of their pet's needs on the road. According to a source at the New York Times Magazine, which shares an office with T Magazine, Bryan held Grumpy Cat during the family's visit to the publication, only allowing people close enough to take selfies without invading the cat's space. But, according to Delgado, it's possible that Grumpy Cat wouldn't have minded visitors getting closer -- cats are all different when it comes to interacting with strangers in new places.

"Cats vary in their tolerance and interest in travel," Delgado explained. "This is probably shaped in part by early exposure to travel, new environments and strange people, and partly on the general personality of the animal." In general, there are certain steps owners can take to ensure that their cats will behave during -- and maybe even enjoy -- travel, she said. "Ideally, train kittens early on to travel in the carrier to different places," Delgado added. "And give cats breaks from stimulation or the opportunity to ‘choose' not to interact if they don't want to."

As long as the Bundesen's keep track of their pet's mood, they should be in the company of a pretty happy Grumpy Cat.