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Peace for Animals

Since the moment we human beings have come into the 21st century, there has been a lot of unethical treatment of animals, be it small or big. Animals were made on this earth for a reason. To provide us with resources. Instead of treating them with respect like we should be, we tend to abuse them. Meat poultry factories for instance have horrific ways of slaughtering their animals. I mean, seriously! If you want meat, kill it swiftly. I am sick and tired of corporations unethically treating animals like their pure garbage and then justifying their claims. People should realize that animals also have feelings like us.

Recently in the news, in Ontario somewhere, there was a dog who a police officer thought was a "coyote" and ran over it three times with his police cruiser . Even if it was a coyote, it gives no reason for the officer to torture the animal. For the most part, coyotes mind their own business. Ask yourself, if you were the animal, and humans started to take away your land, wouldn't you be upset? Of course you would. You would wander in your land that has been wrongfully taken from you.

I hail from the United Arab Emirates. Although the nation is viewed by outsiders as a very luxurious an tourist friendy place, I can assure you that it is not free from its torture of animals. For example, animals are shot, beaten, stabbed, and poisoned. Until we realize that animals are a part of our planet, and until we learn to co-exist, we will never be able to achieve harmony.