These Adorable Snoods Are The Cutest, Coziest Things Ever

And so fun too 🐻

Zoo Snoods

Why We Loved Them:

They’re honestly the cutest things ever — but they’re functional, too!

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Dressing up your dog is a lot of fun, but that sweater struggle is so real.

Not every dog loves sticking his legs through a shirt that doesn’t even fit right, even if it is an extra adorable look.

That’s why we were so excited to try Zoo Snoods. These dog snoods just cover your pup’s head and neck, keeping his legs and torso totally free.

They’re so adorable — and surprisingly functional, too — that we had to give them our official Paw of Approval.

Read on to find out why we love them so much.

What Is A Snood For Dogs?

Zoo Snoods are knitted hoods for dogs that are adorably designed to make them look like other animals.

Your dog’s snood is supposed to fit around his face, go over his ears and cover all the way down his neck.

Believe it or not, Zoo Snoods serve a functional purpose, too, by keeping your pup warm in cold weather and protecting his ears from water and dirt.

Zoo Snoods are handmade with a soft yarn — not that awful itchy stuff — so your dog will be nice and comfy while he’s wearing his.

You can wash your Zoo Snood either by hand or in a machine.

How Many Styles Of Zoo Snoods Are There?

Zoo Snoods come in a ton of fun styles, like:

Each Zoo Snood design is available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

The holes at either end of your dog’s snood have stretchy elastic bands to make sure he’s getting the perfect fit.

Our Reviewers

We picked five Dodo dogs — some who need a little extra warmth, and some who are prone to allergies and ear infections — to see if Zoo Snoods are both cute and effective.

Amigo really likes to cuddle and be warm. If he sees a blanket — or anything that resembles one — he'll fluff it up and lay in it. He also likes sweaters. Whenever we take one out, he runs toward it and pokes his head right through the neck hole.” — his person, Alejandro Alba
Bubs has very short, velvety fur on his head, and his ears are often freezing to the touch after cold winter walks.” — his person, Kelly Guerin
Duchess has many environmental allergies, but loves to be outdoors, especially rolling around in the grass. I wanted to protect her head folds and ears from excessive dirt.” — her person, Kelsey Marsh
Tip has chronic ear infections caused by allergies, so I wanted to keep his ears protected. We are also in a cold climate, and as winter approaches, it would be nice to keep his ears warm.” — his person, Nicole Hendrickson
Princess Pea
Princess Pea
Being a Frenchie, Princess Pea is very prone to allergies. She is especially prone to getting allergens clogged in her ears on walks.” — her person, Erica Garbarini

Do Zoo Snoods Make Our Dogs Even Cuter?

Our dogs are already the most adorable things ever. But somehow, Zoo Snoods managed to take their natural cuteness to a whole new level.

I had so much cute aggression. We're always told that Amigo's ears make him look like Baby Yoda. So we had to get this lil hoodie for his head. HE LOOKS ADORABLE!” — Alejandro A.

Even people who aren’t so dog-obsessed simply had to gush over our dogs in their snoods.

“We had a guest, who is not necessarily a dog lover, come over during the testing period and got Bubs dressed up in his bear Snood, and he utterly basked in the new attention he received.” — Kelly G.

Our pet parents were obsessed with the fact that Zoo Snoods made their dogs look like entirely different animals.

“We always said Tip looked like a big lion, so we had to get the lion snood out of the collection. While Tip was trying on his snood, I was able to capture the perfect shot of him yawning, and it looks like he's roaring.” — Nicole H.

Even strangers couldn’t help but notice how cute our dogs were in their Zoo Snoods.

“Princess Pea got a lot of attention from strangers when she was out and about, which is her favorite thing in the world.” — Erica G.

zoo snoods
Tip in his lion Zoo Snood | Nicole Hendrickson

What We Love

As if the cuteness alone wasn’t enough, there are just so many things we loved about these Zoo Snoods.

Our dogs actually enjoy wearing them

Finding clothes that your dog actually likes to wear can be a bit of a challenge, which is why we were so thrilled that almost all of our judges seemed to enjoy putting on their Zoo Snoods.

Amigo is like those dogs on TikTok that if they see something they can fit their head in, they'll place it in there. Once I took out the snood, he immediately thought it was a sweater and tried putting his head through it.” — Alejandro A.

“Bubs likes anything that makes us happy. When the Snood went on, we laughed and told him how handsome he was and gave him treats and took pictures. Now, anytime we come at him with the Snood, he knows he'll get attention.” — Kelly G.

One of our dogs felt so comfortable in her Zoo Snood that it put her right to sleep.

“Duchess loved it and immediately rolled over onto her back and promptly fell asleep! I think the snood helped muffle and mute the construction noise, giving her some much-needed rest.” — Kelsey M.

One of our judges was simply indifferent, but that’s honestly a huge win when it comes to dog clothing.

“Princess Pea is an amazingly chill dog, so she had literally no reaction whatsoever. She never tried to scratch it off or let us know that she was uncomfortable.” — Erica G.

zoo snoods
Duchess feels so cozy in her Zoo Snood. | Kelsey Marsh

They help people fall in love with pit bulls

There’s a big misconception about pit bulls seeming like mean or aggressive dogs that’s simply not true.

Popping a Zoo Snood on your sweet, gentle pittie is a great way to prove just how wrong that stereotype really is.

“It makes misunderstood breeds like pitties look even more adorable and approachable with this silly snood on them.” — Nicole H.

zoo snoods
Bubs looks extra cuddly dressed up as a bear. | Kelly Guerin

They’re soft and durable at the same time

Our human judges were blown away with how high quality these Zoo Snoods look and feel. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also soft and strong.

“The knit yarn makes it feel handmade but, at the same time, very sturdy. In the early sessions, Bubs pawed it off his head by snagging his toe on the yarn loops, but it held up like a champ.” — Kelly G.

They’re also great for keeping your dog warm in the cold, especially if he has a short coat.

“It definitely gives me peace of mind when we're on the beach on chilly and windy evenings that Pea will still be comfortable despite her short coat.” — Erica G.

Dressing up your dog has never been easier

When you’re putting your Zoo Snood on your dog, you don’t have to worry about struggling with arm holes.

“It's incredibly easy to put on. It takes me two seconds at most.” — Erica G.

zoo snoods
Amigo makes the cutest alien, doesn’t he? | Alejandro Alba

They don’t slide off easily

The woven elastic band inside the Zoo Snood provides an adjustable fit that won’t slide right off your dog’s head.

“It stays on Bubs’ face remarkably well without feeling at all tight.” — Kelly G.

“I wasn't sure if the stretch would be too loose or too tight, but it fit all three of my dogs with varying-sized bully heads pretty perfectly.” — Erica G.

They keep dirt out of our dogs’ ears

Our pet parents loved that their Zoo Snoods were both fashionable and functional, especially since their dogs’ ears need a little extra protection sometimes.

“I wasn't wiping away nearly as much dirt and grime as Duchess normally attracts after her walks. And she hasn’t had an ear infection!” — Kelsey M.

“When you put the product on, it completely covers your dog's ears and looks snug, protective and cozy.” — Nicole H.

zoo snoods
Princess Pea’s ears are protected underneath her Zoo Snood. | Erica Garbarini

The price is pretty reasonable

Zoo Snoods’ prices range from about $15 to $30, depending on which size and design you get.

Pretty much all of our pet parents thought this is really reasonable — if not a total steal — since you’re getting something high quality, functional and so stinking cute.

The Downsides

Zoo Snoods are pretty close to perfect, but our pet parents noticed a few minor downsides.

Clothes aren’t for every pup

While almost all of our dogs really enjoyed rocking their Zoo Snoods, not everyone was an instant fan (since not every dog loves wearing clothes).

My pup doesn't seem to love it on his head, but we are going to work on it.” — Nicole H.

Finding the right fit can be tricky

And while the elastic bands provide a flexible fit, one of our pet parents felt the sizing is a little on the big side.

“The sizing runs large. I am concerned about how the quality will sustain multiple wash cycles, but I'm hopeful.” — Kelsey M.

They might be tough to use with a collar

If you walk your dog with a collar instead of a harness, it might be tough for your pup to wear his Zoo Snood while he’s out on a walk.

“Bubs is a puller, so his martingale collar sits high on his neck behind his ears. I'm not sure how well it will stay on when it’s chilly enough to go on walks.” — Kelly G.

Despite those things, our entire (human) judging panel will gladly continue using their Zoo Snoods and even recommend them to other pet parents.

Are Zoo Snoods Worth It?

Um … have you SEEN them?

Zoo Snoods might just be the most adorable accessories ever. But better yet, they actually serve a purpose beyond killer Instagram photo ops.

These dog snoods keep dirt out of our pups’ ears and help them regulate their body temperatures when it’s chilly.


How to find the right size Zoo Snood

To figure out which size Zoo Snood is right for your pup, the company recommends measuring around the widest part of your dog’s head in front of the ears, since that’s what the snood will slide over when you put it on.

If your pup’s measurement is between 8 and 13 inches, go with the small. If it’s 12 to 18 inches, pick the medium. And 18 to 26 inches means the large is your best bet.

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