These No-Stuffing Toys Are Honestly Lifesavers

Say goodbye to stuffing-covered everything 👋

Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz Dog Toys

Why We Love Them:

They’re stuffingless toys, so our dogs get to whip these plushies around without covering our homes in fluff.

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As soon as you give your dog a plush toy, it’s like you start an imaginary timer in your head, wondering how long it’ll take him to tear it to shreds and fill your home with stuffing.

Thankfully, there are fluff-free alternatives your pup will actually want to play with.

We had our Dodo dogs test out the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz no-stuffing dog toys to see if they really make a difference during playtime.

The verdict? They definitely earned our Paw of Approval — here’s why.

What Is A Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz Dog Toy?

Skinny Peltz dog toys are stuffing-free plush toys from Zippy Paws.

They’re sold in packs of three, so you can spice up playtime with a little variety. In the Skinny Peltz packs we tested, we got a chipmunk, a lemur and a monkey.

Each Skinny Peltz plushie is 18 inches long and has three squeakers, so they’re great for both tug-of-war and solo play.

Because they’re stuffingless dog toys, they should make cleanup super easy for pups who tend to rip their plush toys to shreds (and you can worry less about them eating any stuffing).

The Judges

We picked a few of our most destructive office pups to really put these no-stuffing dog toys to the test.

“Louie LOVES chew toys but immediately ruins them and eats them. He loves us to chase him with the toy in his mouth. But he spends most of his time just eating the toy.” — his person, Molly Hawkins
Etta LOVES to play all. the. time. She wants to chase us. She wants to find out what’s under the couch cushions. She wants to play with *destroy* everything like it’s her job. Etta is a busy girl, and it can be tough to find enough things to occupy her. — her person, Laurel Burgam
Alfie and Brie
Alfie and Brie
Alfie looooves squeaky toys, but always goes through them so fast! I'm always buying cheap ones in bulk or looking for some that will last. Brie can be hard to impress with toys that don’t involve food, as she’d usually rather be napping.” — their person, Emily Carpenter

So … Did They Actually Play With Them?

All of our judges were instantly obsessed with their new Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz toys. Seriously, they did not want to be separated from their stuffing-free pals.

“It feels like Etta has always had one within a few feet of her. Really the only time she doesn’t have one of the Skinny Peltz around is when we go to bed because we need to enact quiet time. And she’s never too happy about that.” — Laurel B.

The no-stuffing toys, I think, were Louie’s favorite new toy. He wanted to eat them, but before that happened he loved the squeaker and ran around with them for hours. He plays with the no-stuffing toys every day.” — Molly H.

“Alfie has been playing with these multiple times a day. If I keep throwing the toy, the fun never ends. Boy loves his squeaky toys.” — Emily C.

zippy paws skinny peltz dog toys
Louie patiently waiting to play with his Skinny Peltz | Molly Hawkins

What Pets Loved: The Squeakers, Duh!

The easiest way to win your dog’s heart — or at least get his attention — is with a good, loud squeaker.

And since each Skinny Peltz dog toy has not one, not two, but three squeakers, it’s no wonder our entire judging panel was hooked.

When Etta decides to play with one of the Skinny Peltz, she’ll squeak it for a few minutes and then bring it to us to play tug-of-war or fetch for another 20-plus minutes or so. Her second favorite thing to do is fling them backwards so they slap our faces.” — Laurel B.

My dog was excited right away. He knew they were for him. He was jumping up trying to get them. He liked making the no-stuffing toys squeak and throwing them up and running around with them.” — Molly H.

“Any squeaky toy catches my dogs’ attention RIGHT away. They loved it. Even once they tore out the squeaker, they still loved to play with it! They often brought it into their bed to cuddle with it, so you know it's precious.” — Emily C.

zippy paws skinny peltz dog toys
Etta loves playing tug-of-war. | Laurel Burgam

What Parents Loved: No Stuffing, Duh!

The second you give your dog a new plush toy, you’re already anticipating mountains of stuffing everywhere (since your pup is so great at totally mutilating them).

But with the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz toys, our pet parents didn’t have to worry about picking up tons of fluff (or about accidental ingestion).

It was definitely helpful not having to clean up stuffing, so I think I would buy that over a stuffed toy in the future.” — Molly H.

“A major plus is no stuffing, which means no mess for me if/when my dogs get too rough with it.” — Emily C.

“We love that the Skinny Peltz don’t include stuffing, so it’s safe and fun for Etta!” — Laurel B.

Since our testers couldn’t get enough of their new no-stuffing toys, the Skinny Peltz were a huge help when it came to getting our dogs’ energy out.

“The Skinny Peltz set has been awesome for those times when Etta gets a bit too riled up and we need a toy nearby to redirect her. It’s really helped curb her energy and show her that she needs to focus on playing with toys instead of our hands.” — Laurel B.

The fact that you get three at a time really makes redirecting that energy way easier for our pet parents.

“I love that the Skinny Peltz are so durable and come in a pack of three. We keep them around the house for the many times we need to quickly redirect Etta’s energy.” — Laurel B.

“I love that there are THREE. My dogs go through toys so fast, so I'm always looking for a good bundle. And I love that it gives them more variety to play with.” — Emily C.

Our panel thought the Zippy Paws toys were more durable than the standard plushie, making them well worth the $10.66 price tag (especially when you remember you’re getting three of them).

“The Skinny Peltz have held up surprisingly well considering the amount of chewing Etta does! We’re usually having to throw away these types of squeaky animal toys within a few days. But a week in, the Skinny Peltz are fully intact (after a LOT of use)!” — Laurel B.

“My dogs are super rough on toys (I'm talking destroyed in under an hour). I don't expect much from fabric toys, but these ones have been used daily for a week and are still kickin'!” — Emily C.

zippy paws skinny peltz dog toys
Etta is seriously obsessed. | Laurel Burgam

Any Downsides?

Even though the Skinny Peltz are super durable, they aren’t designed to be entirely indestructible.

My dogs tore the squeakers out pretty quickly (a couple days), but have yet to destroy the toy entirely, which is pretty rare for them!” — Emily C.

Louie is a big chewer, so they did come apart quite quickly.” — Molly H.

And since the squeakers are our pups’ favorite feature, our pet parents didn’t love how loud they can be. (But hey, it’s all part of the job.)

The Skinny Peltz squeakers are mighty powerful, and Etta knows it. She’s often squeaking away to the point where we need a break from the noise and put the toy to the side.” — Laurel B.

Despite these downsides, all three of our testers said they’d recommend the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz dog toys to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: They’re Mess-Free And Stress-Free

It’s such a relief to not have to worry about your pup filling your clean living room with mountains of stuffing.

Plus, the Skinny Peltz dog toys will probably last longer than other plushies, even around naturally destructive dogs, thanks to the durable construction.

The only downside? The loud squeakers might be a distraction on your Zoom calls. But it’s worth it for a happy (and safe) pup. 

It’s a win-win!

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