This Is The Cutest Slow Feeder Ever, And It Actually Works!

Scarfing and barfing will be a thing of the past 😋

Pineapple Happy Bowl

Why We Love It:

It slows down our fast eaters and makes them actually take their time during meals. And they had so much fun eating from this adorable pineapple!

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Every time your pup eats, it might seem like he’s trying to set the world record for fastest food eater — which might feel fun for him, but it’s no fun for you when he inevitably barfs 10 minutes later.

Since eating too fast can cause a ton of digestive issues, we wanted to take on the problem by trying out the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl to see if it actually held up as an effective slow feeder.

The results are in — and we loved it so much that we were happy to grant it our Paw of Approval.

Turns out this pineapple-shaped slow feeder dog bowl actually managed to slow our pups down during dinner, and it looked super cute in the process. Here’s why it’s a great addition to your mealtime arsenal.

What Is The ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl?

The ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl is a tropical-fruit-shaped slow feeder, made to keep dogs from eating too fast.

The pineapple design has raised dividers that separate the bowl into lots of smaller compartments, so your pup has to work a little to get his food out of each one — and doesn’t end up eating his entire dinner faster than his stomach can handle.

According to the company, the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl will cause your dog to eat up to 10 times slower, which should keep him from experiencing the common risks of eating too quickly, including bloating, burping, vomiting and even choking.

And since pups who eat too quickly usually get a bit overexcited about their food, this slow feeder dog bowl is designed with a non-slip base so it doesn’t slide all over the place while he’s eating.

The Judges

We picked three office dogs who eat way too fast to find out if the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl is actually an effective slow feeder.

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So … Did It Stop Our Dogs From Eating Too Fast?

Two of our speed-eaters have met their match, thanks to the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl.

One of our judges usually inhales his food in a matter of seconds, and this slow feeder forced him to take his time. (He’s still pretty quick, but it did make a huge difference.)

If someone is concerned with how quickly their dogs are eating, I can definitely attest to this product slowing them down. When using the Happy Bowl, it would take Alfie closer to a minute, which really eases the worry of him potentially choking on his food from eating so fast.” — Emily C.

Our second judge is also big on scarfing her food, but the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl slowed her down significantly.

“Etta tends to snarf down her meals in the blink of an eye. But the Pineapple Happy Bowl has been FANTASTIC for slowing her down, letting her breathe between bites and giving her a much-needed challenge when she eats. A meal that used to take Etta two minutes to snarf down now takes her a solid 10 minutes! Definitely a win for us and Etta's digestive system.” — Laurel B.

Our third judge struggles a little with possessiveness and resource guarding, so he was still pretty determined to eat all his food quickly, even with the slow feeder.

However, his person felt that the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl would be effective for dogs who don’t suffer from underlying territorial issues around feeding.

“My dog eats extremely fast, so he just went to each section quite fast. I thought it would be great for a dog without guarding issues and who needs some mental stimulation and would benefit from eating a little slower. I would recommend it for a dog with no guarding issues.” — Molly H.

dog with zippy paws pineapple slow feeder
Etta eating from her ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl | Laurel Burgam

What Pets Loved: It Makes Dinner Extra Fun!

The ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl had our pups eating at a slower pace, but it was still so much fun to eat from. Our judges felt like it almost turned mealtime into playtime.

Alfie loved it! He’d spend extra time getting to all the nooks and crannies to make sure he got every bite. It significantly slowed Alfie’s eating time and made mealtime more of a game.” — Emily C.

“Even though this was her first experience with a slow feeder, Etta took to the Pineapple Happy Bowl right away! If there’s food involved, it’s a winner. I was at first concerned about the very small compartments around the edges of the Pineapple Happy Bowl, but Etta seemed to enjoy the challenge of licking her food out of these small spaces!” — Laurel B.

dog with zippypaws pineapple slow feeder
Alfie has so much fun eating from his ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl. | Emily Carpenter

What Parents Loved: It’s Cute And It Works!

It was a huge win for two of our three testers when they realized the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl really got their dogs to pump their breaks while eating.

“My favorite thing about the Pineapple Happy Bowl is that it helps Etta slow down when she eats. I feel like her overall health really benefits from this product. We are so excited to have this Pineapple Happy Bowl in our arsenal now.” — Laurel B.

Plus it kept the pups engaged and entertained, even while they were eating at a less exciting pace.

I’m always looking for ways to provide more mental stimulation for my dogs, and the Happy Bowl definitely makes mealtime more fun and engaging for Alfie.” — Emily C.

Not to mention, the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl might be one of the most adorable slow feeders we’ve ever seen.

“The design is super cute but not great if you’re trying to save space. If you’re living in a small apartment, this might get in your way, but it’ll look cute doing it! Love the colorful design.” — Emily C.

“The Pineapple Happy Bowl is cuter than anything else I’ve come across!” — Laurel B.

And turns out that non-slip base actually works — even for very excited puppies.

Any Downsides?

While the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl is stable enough that it won’t slide all over your kitchen, our pet parents were a little concerned about its durability.

It’s lightweight plastic, so I’m not sure how well it would hold up over time.” — Emily C.

“The Pineapple Happy Bowl feels flimsy as it’s made out of thin plastic, but it’ll definitely hold up to how Etta uses it. If she decided she wanted to chew on it, though, I might be a little concerned.” — Laurel B.

While this bowl will work for the majority of pups, we advise supervising mealtime if your dog is a heavy chewer, especially if he’s the type who usually requires a metal bowl.

Louie — the pup with resource guarding issues — decided to try to destroy the bowl and he was able to do some damage.

“Once Louie was done with the food, he would try to eat the bowl and he got some chunks out of it.” — Molly H.

The only other downside was the bowl needs to be hand-washed because of the material.

The ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl costs $9.99, and our human testers were a little split on how they felt about the price. Two of our three pet parents believe the price is perfect, but our third parent’s concerns about durability had her questioning the cost.

Despite these hesitations, all three of our human judges would recommend the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl to other pet parents (as long as their pups don’t have issues with heavy chewing).

Our Takeaway: Great For (Non-Possessive) Dogs Who Eat Too Fast

If your pup tries to top his personal record every time he races to his food bowl, the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl could really help you out.

It actually managed to slow down two of our super-fast eaters, and their parents couldn’t be happier to eliminate the possibility of choking or that nasty scarf-and-barf (or all those other digestive issues that are caused by basically inhaling your food).

Plus, the bowl looked so cute doing it!

Our one caveat is that if your dog has some issues with resource guarding or possessiveness, this slow feeder might not be for you since it turns dinner into a game.

But for pups who don’t have territorial tendencies, the ZippyPaws Pineapple Happy Bowl definitely works — and it will add tons of fun to your kitchen floor.

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