This Might Be The Most Adorable Burrow Toy In The World

No wonder it has thousands of 5-star ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

ZippyPaws Burrow Log

Why We Love It:

It’s the cutest thing ever, but also really gets our pups’ brains going. And they love that it’s actually a whole bunch of toys in one.

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There are tons of plush toys for dogs on the market, but maybe you wish you could find one that could actually challenge his brain, too.

We've heard a ton about the ZippyPaws Burrow Log from dog parents who are totally obsessed with it — not only because it’s one of the cutest plush toys in the world, but because it’s specifically designed to provide your dog with mental stimulation in addition to some adorable buddies to play with.

Which is why we knew we had to try it out on our own Dodo dogs. And it lived up to the hype!

We’re thrilled to award it our own official Paw of Approval, because our dogs thought it was the best thing ever. Read on to find out why.

What Is The ZippyPaws Burrow Log?

The ZippyPaws Burrow Log is a hide-and-seek plush toy shaped like a little log, with tiny holes for hiding the adorable stuffed chipmunks that come with it.

Since the chipmunks have squeakers inside them, dogs are usually super excited and motivated to try to dig each one out of their holes.

This interactive toy’s hide-and-seek play style is a great way to give your pup a mental workout in addition to the fun that usually comes with plush toys.

According to the company, the ZippyPaws Burrow Log is made of high-quality materials.

But obvious caveat: This is a plush toy, so it might not be the best fit for heavy chewers, and you’ll probably sacrifice a chipmunk or two during playtime. (And whatever your dog’s play style, you should always supervise him around any destructible toys.)

However, if your dog does manage to destroy some of his new furry friends, you can always stock up on an extra to keep the fun going.

The Judges

We picked five Dodo dogs who are super excited by puzzle toys to give the ZippyPaws Burrow Log a try.

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So … Did Our Dogs Actually Play With It?

The ZippyPaws Burrow Log is adorable, interactive and full of tiny chipmunks with loud squeakers, so our dog judges were obsessed pretty immediately.

They also loved that when the hide-and-seek part was done, they had a whole bunch of cute little plushies to play with alongside their parents.

The Burrow Log is a fun little puzzle that Etta really enjoys. Once all the chipmunks are out, they become great toys for us to play fetch with!” — Laurel B.

“Alfie loved it right away! He’s never had a burrow/puzzle toy before, so he was definitely intrigued! He had a blast pulling out the chipmunks. I would stuff the chipmunks back in, and repeat. He never got sick of it!” — Emily C.

Louie loved them right away. Fully wagging his tail and wanted to play immediately. He is so cute bringing the chipmunks everywhere with him. He had to make sure all three made it to every room he was in.” — Molly H.

“Mushu loves to run around the house with one of the chipmunks in his mouth. If you see him running past you, chances are a chipmunk is in his mouth.” — Melanie T.

zippy paws burrow toy
This is seriously the cutest toy. | Laurel Burgam

What Pets Loved: It’s A Bunch Of Toys In One!

What dog is really going to say no to more plush toys? That’s why our dog judges were thrilled to find out that the ZippyPaws Burrow Log isn’t just one toy — it’s actually a whole bunch of toys, thanks to all those cute hidden chipmunks.

It’s a stuffed toy, squeaky toy and puzzle toy all rolled into one. The toy comes with three chipmunks, plus the log, so it felt like we got four new toys to play with!” — Emily C.

Louie got a lot of energy out using the Burrow Log. The puzzle was a great game for his mind and I think wore him out. I liked that it was several toys in one, so a pro is there was a ton to play with and took some mental work to get them all out of the log.” — Molly H.

“The hide-and-seek aspect of the ZippyPaws Burrow Log helps to keep Zemi from getting bored.” — Matt F.

“The Burrow Log has been great because it’s multiple toys in one! Etta enjoys problem solving to get the chipmunks out, and then we’ll play fetch with the chipmunks and tug-of-war with the log.” — Laurel B.

“I think the hide-and-seek feature helped deter Mushu from digging and trying to hide his toys somewhere else because it satisfies his burrowing traits. It also was great for his scent engagement, especially since he doesn't get that much even though he’s a hunting dog breed.” — Melanie T.

And once the chipmunks are all out, the log can be repurposed for a ton of other games.

“The log can be used to stuff any of your dog's favorite toys or treats inside.” — Matt F.

zippy paws burrow toy
Louie was obsessed with the chipmunks. | Molly Hawkins

What Parents Loved: It’s The Cutest Little Brain Game!

Our pet parents were so excited to see their BFFs putting their brains to work. All that mental stimulation was so fun to watch.

I’m always looking for toys that provide mental stimulation, especially ones that don’t use food to avoid overfeeding. The puzzle aspect of this toy definitely does the trick!” — Emily C.

Etta is extremely determined to get the chipmunks out of the Burrow Log as quickly as possible. She’ll stick her snout inside and rummage around until she’s gotten one and then promptly run away with a chipmunk so that we’ll chase her.” — Laurel B.

Louie spent some time trying to figure out how to get the chipmunks out. Then he would run back and forth trying to show us each one. He absolutely loves chewing on them.” — Molly H.

“The minute Mushu got it, he shoved his face into one of the holes. He does this snort thing when he gets really excited and shoves his nose onto something too hard to get all the smells, and he was snorting the entire time. It took him a second to realize he needed to use his paws.” — Melanie T.

“Zemi didn't get at first that he could pull the chipmunks out of the log, so that was a very fun surprise for him!” — Matt F.

And they couldn’t help but melt over how adorable this toy is.

“The product is aesthetically very cute. The little chipmunks are very charming.” — Matt F.

zippy paws burrow toy
Mushu shoving his nose in the Burrow Log to get the chipmunks out | Melanie Tse

Any Downsides?

The only issue is, like pretty much any plushie you’ll find, our judges were able to do some damage once they put their heads to it (which is why it’s always so important to supervise your pets during playtime, especially when it comes to stuffed toys).

Louie did tear the Burrow Log open, and the insides were all over my apartment. He tore through it in about 30 minutes.” — Molly H.

“​​Toys usually last at least a week for Mushu before the first hole, but this was ripped in a day. They may have just needed better reinforcement at the spots that dogs are likely to dig and bite at.” — Melanie T.

“While the log itself holds up well, Zemi was able to tear into the chipmunk plushies immediately.” — Matt F.

And if your little chipmunks don’t make it, you could always replace them — or even get a little inventive about continuing to use the ZippyPaws Burrow Log, as long as the log itself remains intact.

“Even though the chipmunks didn’t last (as expected, knowing how my dog is with stuffed toys), I still use the log portion to fill with other toys or treats.” — Emily C.

One human judge also noticed the size was a little awkward for a smaller pup.

“It was larger than I expected. If your dog is super tiny, they might have a hard time maneuvering the toy.” — Emily C.

Our pet parents were pretty split about the $12.99 price tag. Our dog judges adored playing with the ZippyPaws Burrow Log, but our parents recognized that they’d probably have to replace the toy pretty quickly.

In the end, based on how much our dogs loved it, most of our human testers said they would gladly continue to use it with eagle-eyed supervision (knowing they’d probably have to order replacement chipmunks).

And all our pet parents said they’d recommend the ZippyPaws Burrow Log to other pet parents — but if you’ve got the type of dog who can’t be in a room with a plush toy without destroying it in under five seconds, you might want to reconsider.

zippy paws burrow toy
Etta feels a little bad that she ate her new toy. | Laurel Burgam

Our Takeaway: It’s The Cutest Puzzle Toy Maybe Ever!

There’s no denying those chipmunks are cute. So cute (and squeaky!), in fact, that our dogs were instantly obsessed with digging them out of the ZippyPaws Burrow Log and carrying them around wherever they went.

And their parents loved that this hide-and-seek toy actually managed to get those wheels turning in their BFFs’ heads.

Of course, it’s probably not the best option for a dog whose life mission is to destroy any and every toy — we’re looking at you, squeaker seekers — but it sure is a ton of fun for you and your dog while it lasts.

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